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January 8, 2016

Piikki, by Haave.Oyi is an excellent outlet for both personal and business applications. With its optimized and precise expensing technology, it assists offices and individuals in their quest for work-flow efficiency.

Disposing of paper is a waste of time and energy. In applying Piikki, a company or individual can immediately eliminate paper receipts by digitizing and recycling them. The embedded Isight and Apple iOS camera zooms into a sharp image, crop’s it, and turns it into a high-quality PDF doc or JPEG file.

By immediately scanning your receipts, they never come into your world. Eliminating paper piles creates an environmentally conscious office and promotes autonomy by fueling a company with precious time and resources.

One of Piikki’s standout features is the ability to store large amounts of content in metadata — currencies are conveniently attached to an image with notes and tags.  Piikki is also compatible with Evernote, DropBox, and Google Drive. Any saved information is safely backed-up and recalled through a range of icloud systems.

Categorize all expenses by types, like gas or food, then track and display them in a color-coded bar graph for added convenience. Using this efficient technology helps transform budgeting into a step-by-step, user-friendly experience.

This attention to detail and commitment to convenience make Piikki a highly-rated tool for finance.

Introduced by Haave.Oyi, Piikki App. is available for iPad and iOS systems

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